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About Modern Quilt

A message from Chairman Helen Howes:

The first year or so of the new Modern Quilt Group has been really busy, and we have had a really successful exhibit at the West Country Quilt Show, a fantastic reaction from the people at two Festivals of Quilts, and lots of members.  If you are debating joining in, please do.

Bear in mind that this is an online Group - you will not get the best from it unless you can get emails. 

I want to see patterns online, meetings anywhere, and ideas for my Newsletter, please

Details of the 2018 Challenge have just been announced. Click here for the details and see photos from previous challenges.

However:  This is not really, at present, about Competitions, Challenges, or Exhibiting.. This is about Making, Sharing, and Spreading the Word.. Let's reach out, not turn inwards; include, not exclude; play, not work..

Here are some quotes that I think make some really good points

"You can Wash a Modern Quilt"  Jackie

"Not everyone wants to use paints and wet media, gelli plates etc. that is the contemporary group. Many just want to sew in a clean environment but do something fresh and exciting"  Janet

"It's about doing things that you can cuddle into and share"  Thomas Knauer

"A modern quilt is one which has WOW factor, whether it follows rules or not."  Pam

Please join the Yahoo conversation here for further ideas   
How to join:
Membership is open to all Quilters’ Guild members
Just add the subscription to your Guild membership either by
telephoning 01904 613242,
or by sending a cheque for £10 to the Membership Officer
at St Anthony’s Hall, York, YO1 7PW

or by going here and joining online -

Note - if your membership renewal is in the next few months, I am quite happy to have you join with your renewal. You can still play on the Yahoo Group meanwhile..

Many thanks

Helen Howes